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About Me

My name is Atefe Soubati and I was born in 1986. I am an empirical graphic designer.
I came to this field by accident and I became so interested in it that I kept going on and I gained so much experience during years.
I have collaborated with advertising agencies such as: Zavosh, Dideban,  Maat, Parmoon Tarh, Media and Daarvag.
I am interested in team work, creativity and new ideas in advertising and I try my best to follow these principles. I believe that I should always learn and follow new global advertisements.
It is difficult to be satisfied with all my works because sometimes customers try to put their opinions but I always try to have reasons for my designs.
There is another field that I am so interested in and I could never get bored with, and that is fashion. I sincerely hope that I could get to somewhere with it.
The other thing that I really love and I did not spend much time on it is travelling. I believe that someone who travels a lot and has seen so many places would be a lucky person and I wish I can see all the world.